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Gamma Piu Aria Hairdryer

Gamma Piu Aria Hairdryer - The ultra-light hairdryer with high class performance. Available in Black, Aquamarine and Orange.

Gamma Piu Active Oxygen Hairdryer

Gamma Piu Active Oxygen Hairdryer - The only hairdryer in the world with Active Oxygen emission and Silver Nano Technology. Well-being hair treatment while drying.


Gamma Piu Relax Power Hairdryer

Gamma Piu Relax Power Hairdryer - This is the quietest salon hair dryer in its class. The Relax Power hair dryer is not only astonishingly quiet for a 2100 watt dryer but it also has reduced airborn vibration and magnatism. If you want a more relaxing experience whist styling your hair, look no further.

Gamma Piu ETC Light Hairdryer

Gamma Piu ETC Light Hairdryer - The Most Lightweight Compact Hairdryer with Maximum Power. Available in Black, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Silver, Matt Black, Matt Purple, Matt Blue.

Gamma Piu IES Hairdryer

Gamma Piu IES Hairdryer - This Intelligent Energy Saving hair dryer is designed with the planet close to the heart. It uses 50% less energy yet performs like 2500 watt dryer with power and heat. Also available in stunning green.

Gamma Piu Style Hairdryer

Gamma Piu Style Hairdryer - is a powerful dryer with a 2200 watt motor generating Air Flow of 111.6 m3/h making it one of the best on the market and a noise level of 70 decibels.

Gamma Piu 3200 Power Plus Hairdryer

Gamma Piu 3500 Hairdryer

Gamma Piu ETC 3500 Hairdryer


Gamma Piu 7000 Hairdryer

Gamma Piu 7000 Hairdryer - is an extremely well balanced hair dryer. ?At 2200 watts it delivers 97.2m3/h and weighs only 530 grams. A truly professional product.

Gamma Piu 6000 Hairdryer

Gamma Piu 6000 Hairdryer - Elegant and specially designed to fit to your hand. Special finish that prevents hand slipping.?

Gamma Piu Italic Hairdryer

Gamma Piu Italic Hairdryer - is the entry level dryer but still has a robust 1600 watt motor, providing an impressive airflow of 72 m3/h and weighing only 520g. Available in 3 colours: Black, Blue and Two Tone Grey.

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